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How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

WE ARE THRILLED to announce our new MOVEMENT! 

Freedom House is getting ready to launching a movement called 1for1!

As most of you know, our motto since day one has been "for the one". We are not about numbers- we are about lasting results. Our hearts are for the one, each one of then women who come to the program! With that said, we don't believe Freedom House is... just the founders, or just our staff, etc. We believe it is every single person who serves with us, gives to us, and prays for us. We are one heart! ONE heart for the ONE woman we can help. 1 for 1. Each person, each one of you, make a huge difference in lasting change for these women.

As we begin this movement, our number one goal is to gain monthly financial partners. After spending the past few years "perfecting" what we do as a program, creating a successful lasting change in the lives of these women, we have so many dreams to expand what we are doing with Freedom House, and that takes finances. If you would like to assist us in spreading this movement, please email us back with any questions you have or a simple request for more information! We have put together lists of ideas for raising finances in the name of 1for1! We are excited to allow the community, nation and world opportunity to spread the word and help us raise finances to spread our mission!

We ask that if you have amy ideas to raise funds and awareness - run with it! We would like this movement to reach as many people as possible! See video below for examples of 1for1 opportunities YOU can take on in your community!

To read more about 1for1, please click the green heart above.


We appreciate every cent donated and guarantee every bit of it will go directly to the Freedom House organization. 

Freedom House has many different needs we could currently use funding for. Below is a list of our reoccurring needs as well as our one-time needs. If you would like to Donate to any of these specific needs, please add it to your donation in the "comment" box. Thank you! 


Ongoing Needs:

  • Stock the Pantry (Grocery Stores, Gift Cards- Walmart, Target, Albertsons, etc.) - Gift Cards
  • Sponsor a Freedom House Resident
  • Gas - Gift Cards
  • Clothing - Gift Cards
  • Toiletries/House Needs - Gift Cards

Current Needs:

  • Front gate camera (Solar)
  • Security Doors for main house doors
  • Funds for a book shelf
  • Outdoor/Backyard Trampoline (activity/therapeutic)
  • Medium sized wet/dry vacuum
  • Generator for Emergencies
  • Commercial Grade Interior Door (for Panic Room)
  • Small Community Center on property (for storage, exercise and group studies/activites
  • Outdoor Space Heater

Volunteer with Freedom House

We would love to have you on our team! If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer please fill out the form below with a note regarding your interest! WE DO NOT ALLOW MEN TO VOLUNTEER WITH FREEDOM HOUSE.

(Listed Freedom House Volunteer descriptions and opportunities below. Please fill out the email forum and our Volunteer Coordinator will assist you with any further information.)

Note: In order to Volunteer with Freedom House you must go through required training based on the interest you have in Volunteering with us, as well as giving a copy of your background check to our Volunteer Coordinator for your file. Our trainings occur (almost) every other month. If you are interested in receiving the update emails regarding our upcoming Volunteer Trainings, please note that in your Form so we can add you to the email list! Thank you!



A Volunteer Ambassador assists Freedom House with human sex trafficking awareness, prevention and updating the public on current Freedom House news, etc. We will need Volunteer Ambassadors for the following:

  • Speaking at events, trainings, conferences, etc.
  • Handing out information on human sex trafficking and Freedom House.
  • Keeping the public up to date on Freedom House news (social media, bulletin boards, (your personal sphere of influence), etc.


  • Three Levels of Freedom House Volunteer Training 
  • Ambassador Training
  • Copy of Background Check
  • All required Freedom House Volunteer Forms (see below)

Volunteer Application Form

Liability Waiver

Confidentiality Agreement Form

Signed Completion Forms (Level1-3 and Ambassador Training)



A Volunteer on the Partner Building Team will assist Freedom House in building monthly financial partners. We will need Volunteers on the Partner Building Team for the following:

  • Build financial monthly partners with Freedom House through meetings with businesses, organizations, churches, etc.


  • One Level of Freedom House Volunteer Training 
  • Partner Building Team Training
  • Copy of Background Check
  • All required Freedom House Volunteer Forms (see below)

Volunteer Application Form

Signed Completion Forms (Level 1/ Partner Building Team Training)

Name *


Below are two of our most common Freedom House Events we open up to the public. 

  • Semi-Annual Freedom House Fundraiser

Information about this event will always be posted here as updates are released.

  • Freedom House Volunteer Trainings

If you would like to be updated on our upcoming Trainings, please subscribe to our email list (adding "volunteer training updates" to the provided comment box). A FH Associate will then add you to our Volunteer Training Email-Update list.


There are many people on our team who would love to come and share about Freedom House and what it is that we do. We are also available to train or teach informative classes regarding the issue of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. If you would like to request a speaker for an event, class or anything else you may need, please fill out the form below and an associate will be in touch.

Name *