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About FH

About Freedom House

Freedom House is a faith based three phase Transitional Housing Program in New Mexico. It is dedicated to restoring the lives of prostituted and sexually trafficked women. The program begins with a decision to leave the past behind and step into a new future. Through detoxing, counseling, and therapy, we will see these women transition into a new, hopeful and exciting life.

We are determined to see women who have come out of trafficking or exploitation set free, through a three phase program over the span of up to two years. After an interview process to determine if Freedom House is a good match and the successful completion of a detox program (if necessary), these women will be welcomed to Freedom House by an excited staff of “life coaches” and counselors who will meet them where they are. They will live in this safe environment amongst other women who have come out of similar situations. As they grow individually, as well as together, they will see their lives transformed and renewed.

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The Freedom House Program - Rebecca Andazola

Our Program

Phase One:

In the first phase, the women will go through a detoxing program, choosing to deal with the experiences they have been involved in. Phase one is their opportunity to bravely make the decision to slowly bring themselves out of their current state (addictions, prostitution, sexual abuse situations, etc.). Our counselors and therapists will work one on one with the women to see them through any current issues as well as past traumatic experiences.

Phase Two:

The second phase is what we at Freedom House like to call the “moving forward” phase. After the first six months in House One, the women will then move into House Two and begin to take steps forward. They have been through phase one, and it is now time to pull out the greatness that lies in each of the women. Phase two consists of many things purposed to help the women see potential in themselves. Our “Life Skills” class is a hands on time every day of the week for the women to get creative. Different practical and exciting life skills classes such as; cooking, art, music, etc. will enable the women to discover their strengths and pinpoint areas of creativity. This phase will also include classes such as; interview conduct, resume building, financial insight, communication skills, healthy family training, etc.

Phase Three:

This final stage is currently under construction, but our vision is to acquire a residency in Albuquerque that will house the women as they are introduced into reality on a day to day basis. They will then be required to begin working and supporting themselves by means of rent, groceries and household needs. This home will be provided for the women as a safe and stable way of reintroducing themselves into a healthy way of life as a survivor.

We believe through these phases, a loving and optimistic staff, and of course the power of God, we will see women who have been broken and beaten down, rise up and be transformed into the strongest women they can be!

To better help you understand who we are as a Program and who we are not, please see below.


  • Not for Profit
  • Free of Charge
  • Faith Based
  • A Residential Program
  • Staffed 24/7
  • A Three-Phase, estimated 1 1/2 – 2 year Program. (Phase One- Six Months, Phase Two- Six Months, Phase Three (Transitional Living)- Six Months to a Year tentatively.
  • Working with specifically sex trafficked, prostituted, and exploited women.
  • Working with women eighteen years old and up.
  • Located in a private location outside of Albuquerque.
  • We are unable to allow children to live in the Home.
  • Working with CYFD for women who have children.
  • Taking women who have successfully completed a thirty-day (or more) detox program if there is an addiction present.
  • Capable of accepting Spanish Speaking/Bi-lingual women.
  • Capable of accepting out of state/International women.
  • Equipped to personally teach Life Skills Classes and assist women with completing their Educational needs.



  • A Homeless Shelter
  • A Mental Health Facility
  • A Program that accepts Residents on Suboxone or Methadone
  • A Crisis/Urgent Care Center
  • A Temporary Safe-House/Half-Way House
  • A Domestic Violence Shelter
  • A Transgender Program
  • A Children’s Center
  • A Rehabilitation Center
  • Equipped to care for chronic cutters or suicidal residents
  • A Program that accepts Residents on methadone, benzoyl or suboxone


Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Freedom House: 

- Our program is a long-term commitment. On average, we are looking at a year and a half to a two year process to complete it. We do not require the women to stay, they are free to leave the program if they feel they are not fit for it after joining.

- Freedom House Executive Director- Toya Kaplan and Program and Staff/Volunteer Coordinator- Rebecca Andazola require the women to do a phone or face-to-face assemsent process as well as an intake process with them as we will then approve them for the program. Because we will open with one home (first phase is six months long) we have a limited amount of space (six beds), therefore have to be particular in choosing the women we feel most committed and ready for these steps to recovery.

- For the women to join the program, we require a 30 day or more detoxing for addictions and substance abuse (in order to protect the other women in the home, our staff and volunteers and of course themselves).

- We are a faith-based program (non-denominational Christian) but do not force any religious beliefs of ours on the women in the program. We do incorporate Bible Studies, (optional Church going on Sundays), Bibles and Worship Music as we do believe the love of Jesus is the foundation of healing for these women.

- We do not allow children to live in the home. We believe that the women need to enter this program for their own healing, at their own will. We also believe that a part of wanting to better themselves is to be healthier and happier for their children. We are currently setting up a partnership with CYFD at Calvary of ABQ to help us with Foster Care for the year (Phase Two and Phase Three) the women will be in the program. We will incorporate visits and family events with them as well. Our goal is that the women in the program know that we are not taking their children away from them, but that they are enabled to work on themselves and their personal goals, while their children are being cared for (and even learning some of the same things the women will be learning) as they are in the program.

To watch the KRQE News 13 Freedom House Interview, click on image below:

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A serious issue is happening in Albuquerque and an organization is trying to do something about it.

Human trafficking is not just happening overseas, this act is happening locally.

The New Mexico Advocacy Coalition, nonprofits and churches are working together to advocate for sex-trafficking survivors to create and maintain an all-encompassing pathway that protects the survivor while empowering them in their new found freedoms.

The coalition focuses on strengthening the stability of family, finances, housing and life.

Freedom House, an organization working with the New Mexico Advocacy Coalition, is a program that helps sexually exploited women leave their pasts behind by offering shelter, detox and counseling...

To watch the KASA FOX 2 Freedom House Interview, click on image below:

We see a lot of the bad stuff that happens in our state, but there are other terrors we don’t see.  That’s because they’re in the deepest, darkest underworlds - ones that are extremely difficult to escape.  This Pay it 4ward is about three women:  one who was stuck in that darkness and two who weren’t afraid to go in and pull her out.

Why are we afraid of the dark?  Maybe because we don’t know what’s out there?  Maybe we feel really vulnerable? Or maybe it’s because we’re afraid of never seeing the light again.

"I gave up.  I gave up my idea of hope, of a future, and it’s easy to get stuck there."

The past 10 years have been pretty dark for a local woman we’ll call "Elizabeth." ...


We would like to recognize every business and organization that has supported Freedom House in a great way. Thank you for all you each have done, we honor you. 

- Freedom House Team