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1 FOR 1

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1 for 1

Freedom House is THRILLED to announce our new MOVEMENT 1for1

As most of you know, our motto since day one has been "for the one". We are not about numbers at Freedom House, we are about lasting results and true restoration. Our hearts are for the one, each one of the women who come to the program! With that said, we don't believe Freedom House is... just the founders, or just our staff, etc. We believe it is every single person who serves with us, gives to us, and prays for us. We are one heart! ONE heart for every ONE woman we can help. 1 for 1. Each person, each one of you, make a huge difference in lasting change for these women.


As we begin this movement, our number one goal is to gain monthly financial partners and exposure of what we do at Freedom House. After spending the past few years "perfecting" what we do as a program, creating a successful lasting change in the lives of these women, we have so many dreams to expand what we are doing with Freedom House - and that takes finances. If you would like to assist us in spreading this movement, please email us ( with any questions you have or a simple request for more information! We have put together lists of ideas for raising finances in the name of 1for1 (see video below)! We are excited to partner with the community, nation and world in a huge opportunity to spread the word and help us raise finances to spread our mission!


Everything we do is for EACH ONE of our precious women. Through this new movement we want to see YOU become someONE for the ONE, in whatever capacity that may be. START THINKING! What is something you and some friends/family of yours could put together as you all BE the one for the one?

We ask that if you have any ideas to raise funds and awareness - run with it! We would like this movement to reach as many people as possible! See video below for examples and ideas of 1for1 opportunities YOU can take on with and in your community! (If you would like to host a movement event in the name of 1for1, please let us know -! We'd love to share it! We can also share our 1for1 logos with you if you'd like to get shirts, signs, etc made. Thank you!)