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Freedom House is in the middle of a huge, exciting, transition these next few months! We are so thrilled to share with all of you how we will serve these beautiful women moving forward!
— Founder: Toya Kaplan

We have some wonderful changes coming to what you all know as “Freedom House” here in New Mexico. Although our heart is and will always be For the One, the part we have played in the anti-human sex trafficking industry will start looking a little bit different going forward. Click button below, or see our “For the One” page, for more info.

Freedom House New Mexico has been dedicated to preventing further sexual exploitation of women in New Mexico. Over the past four years, we have offered a program that helps sexually exploited women leave their pasts behind and step into a brighter future. Our program has provided:

  • Shelter in a caring home

  • Physical and emotional detoxing

  • Counseling and therapy

Freedom House New Mexico has been there to support these women through every step and see them transition into a new life where misery and abuse is replaced with hope and love. Click button below, or see our “About FH” page, to read more about what we have done operating as Freedom House.

Human trafficking – the sexual exploitation and abuse of men and women – isn’t just a crime that happens in other countries. It is happening here in the United States. In New Mexico. In your neighborhood. Click button below, or see our What is Human Trafficking” page for more information on human trafficking.